Friday, November 2nd

This month, we’re celebrating the power of the natural world and the influence it has over our lives. Many artists consider Mother Nature as their primary muse and attempt to create works that can do her justice. Opening reception is on Friday, February 2nd @7pm with a special screening at 8pm.

Exhibition runs through November 25th.

Featured Artists:
Laura Donworth Taylor Dubose Emily Scettrini Irene Brambilla Karen Tsugawa Siena Kuan Jackie Baxton Mathew Heimgartner Rebecca Hoskins Jason Pierce Sami Knapp Allison Garcia Dustin Kinsley Alan Nguyen Brittni Paul Riwan Khalil Claudia Sanborn Natalie Piazza Katherine Mergens Carmen Chow Ash Armstarke Marissa McPeak Tessa Cheng Jacelyn Orellana Brittany Ruiz Pablo Rivera Ashlyn Lardinois Mason Roberts Ray Ortiz Renae McCollum Caline Nguyen Gloria Huet Silver Rain Cara Cooper Samantha Smith Rosie Diaz