August 4th @ 7pm

OUR HEAVEN is the unification of Asian & Pacific mixed-media artists. It incorporates the concept of 天下(tiānxià/tien-hsia), which means ‘Under Heaven,’ the ideology was meant to unify all nations as one under heaven. OUR HEAVEN is intended to provide a space and bring visibility to Asian artists in the Bay Area and to dismantle the Eurocentric perspective of the western art space.

We would also like to emphasize that East Asian privilege exists and tends to saturate “Asianness” and cause erasure of mixed, South, South East, West, Central, and Pacific Asians. Asian culture is not a monolith! We will not tolerate this in our space. Please prioritize multiethnic/, brown, black, and Latinx -/Asian bodies here. We witness you, and this is for you.