Friday, February 2nd

Creating an animated film or television show requires an abundance of time, money, and skilled artists. In this industry, animators, illustrators, 3D modelers, and other craftsmen all work together to tell one visual narrative. The collaborative assembly line formed by this team is referred to as “the pipeline.” It is powerful, it is efficient, and it is organized…most of the time.

The body of work displayed in this gallery represents the sleepless nights, cups of coffee, and hours of practice that SJSU Animation / Illustration students go through to learn all the ins and outs of the pipeline. A cornerstone in their education is the tight-knit Shrunkenheadman club community, where artists push each other to grow and keep each other humble. Each artist excels in a different part of the pipeline and every step of the pipeline is essential. Take a look at what they’re up to!

Opening reception is on Friday, February 2nd @7pm with a special screening at 8pm.
Exhibition runs through February 25th.

Featured Artists:
Anne Allan, Ulises Alvarado Llamas, Hannah Beadle, Sonita Cardoza, Elizabeth Chee, Aaron Cobb, Marie Dalporto, Sean Donovan, Nelly Espinoza, Jonathan Fernando, Keri Fudenberg, Michael Fullilove, Dana Geiger, Garrett Gerberding, Jared Hebert, Daniel Herrera, Amanda Hsu, Cheyenne Ismailciuc, Megan Jacobi, Courtney Jorgensen, Madeline Julyk, Michael Lo, Yutong Luo, Charlie Ly, Raymundo Mendoza Landa, Karolyn Moses, Nicole Newitt, Thao Nguyen, Yuki Okamura-Wong, Jonathan Paulo, Vanessa Plaza Flora Rees-Arredondo, Brett Renfrew, Peggy Shu, Danny Simmonds, Andrew Soto, Sydney Sun, Madison Tessera, Jeremy Vicentina April Wong, Yanting Yang, Kitt Ynchaust, Ashleigh Zanardi