Friday, November 3rd

Tattoo Art Show San Jose

Opening Reception for “Stranger Days” curated by tattoo artists Benny O’Hara and Adrian Godoy.

The idea behind this exhibition is to open ones eyes to the reality of the situations humanity faces, no matter how terrible or disgusting the truth can be we must recognize it for what it truly is to rise above and move forward. We currently reside in a time of perpetual extremism and uncertainty, whether it be religion, nationalism, weather, intolerance, entertainment (fake news, social media, etc.), and the exploitation of just about everything under the sun, such as nature and its resources. Adrian Godoy, Paco Excel, Benny O’Hara, Jazz Fuller, and Feo Berumen collaborate with diverse styles but share common symbology and themes in creating dark narrative political paintings, illustrations, and prints.

Part of the South First Friday Art Walk in downtown San Jose.