Syrarium Sessions at Social Policy San Jose

Friday, June 1st

Featuring new works by Phil Leonard.
Live music /special performance by DJ @mlaine.

Syrarium Studios is a studio/workshop space where ideas manifest and find imaginative outcomes. Almost always using big color and layers of depth, Phil finds ways of luring you into the work by developing a sense of deep and endless space.

The sculptural aspect of his work is impressive. Continually adding dimension to already dimensional work takes his art to the next level. Phil’s work is reflective of multi-layers of creative thinking and positive life analysis strategies. He takes satisfaction in creating art that is process based, but also leaves a ton of allowance for creative interpretation. The ability to create a successful art piece is to travel through the piece, finding your eyes’ next metaphorical bus top and waiting for the ride.

Join us for the opening night of Syrarium Studios on Friday June 1st. from 7-10pm.

Works by Phil Leonard of Syrarium Studios